“Alchimie” by RVig is an enchanting display of colours and structures. Starting from the basic selection of two colours from a carefully curated palette and a series of random squares, the algorithm transforms these squares into complex, flowing, sophisticated structures with a rich spectrum of shades derived from the original colours.

The project mirrors the ancient art of alchemy, where simple base elements undergo a transformation into something refined and valuable. Through algorithmic artistry, the basic shapes and colours evolve into animated, organic-looking compositions that seem to breathe with life. It also marks a reconciliation between different styles for the artist: the interweaving lines seen in “Flowers” (2021) integrate elegantly with the characteristic pixel flows of “Volute” (2022), creating a work of exceptional coherence and beauty.

“Alchimie” explores the beauty that can emerge from the simplest of elements through computational creation. It results in stunning, dynamic pieces that captivate and inspire, reminding us of the boundless creativity afforded by digital expression.

Mint your "Alchimie" NFT on Art Blocks Studio, 80 editions, 0.05 ETH

Instructions: Click center of image to stop/start animation. Click top of image for low resolution and improve fluidity, if needed. Click bottom of image to change image ratio. Url params on live generator: live=true/false, lowres=true, ratio=0/1/2

Credits: Random generator by Piter Pasma, GLSL Noise function by Brian Sharpe

Prints: unique signed print per iteration #. Giclée print on Fine Art paper. ( Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308g or Baryta 325g ) 42 x 42 cm / 42 x 60 cm. Request form soon available


Here are some random generated outputs, without curation.


See how basic elements are transmuted to sophisticated outputs